Our lobbying services at a federal, state, and local government level ensure our clients are prepared and informed on the complexities associated with their goal. Representing our clients’ best interests, we create strategic partnerships that are pivotal in successfully making an impact. Through our combined legislative experience, we align client objectives with our proven strategic techniques.

With an extensive background in both government and business development, we excel at leveraging relationships to coordinate efforts for the benefit of the state of Louisiana. Claitor Chabert will collaborate with our clients at the intersection of business and government, anticipate challenges that may arise, and prepare a strategy for all respective entities.

We offer multi-scale relationship management, media relations, crisis management, campaign assistance, and marketing efforts. Our team strategically influences perception and highlights what our clients represent. Through our experiences in both professional and grassroots campainging, we know what works, we know what matters. We will develop the plan and help you execute it.

Our team has authentic experience working with the complexities of intergovernmental relations. With a clear vision of the bigger picture, we anticipate hurdles and create a realistic strategy for our clients to succeed. Together we will navigate challenges, ensure an ideal position to achieve your goals, and create a clear plan of execution.

Norby Chabert & Dan Claitor
Norby Chabert
Norby Chabert & Dan Claitor
Dan Claitor & Norby Chabert

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Claitor Chabert

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